In This Section

The staff below will notarize free of charge!

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Kathy Watts SNGH 112 843-349-4101
Lisa Bernadyn BAXL 222 843-349-2019
Susan Talbot SNGH 126 843-349-2086
Dan Lawless BAXL 225A 843-349-2021
Pat Taylor BAXL 223A 843-349-2616
Marjorie Thompson KING 113 843-349-5037
Wendi Lee WALL 215D 843-349-2284
Kay Hungerford EHFA 201 843-349-2421
Marvin Keene WALL 210B 843-349-2324
Lt. Rodney Sessions Public Safety Building 843-349-6523
Deputy Chief Rodney Thomason Public Safety Building 843-349-6651
Capt. Tom Mezzapelle Public Safety Building 843-349-2180
Jill Glasser BAXL 206 843-349-2793
Karen Grischuk Post Office 843-349-2156
Monica Streicher SNGH 122 843-349-2090
Stella Gore Tradition Hall 135L 843-349-2479
*Each Notary above reserves the right to deny notarization of documents at their discretion