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Office 365 for CCU students

The transition of all Coastal Carolina University student email to Office 365 originally set for May 16, 2017,  has been rescheduled and did occur between Friday, June 16 at noon and Monday, June 19 at noon. With the Office 365 transition, students will have access to greater resources and tools and will receive and send all CCU email through Office 365.

All students will access new emails in Microsoft Office 365 by logging into using your full CCU email address ( and your CCU password.

Review the important transition information and resources provided below. Prepare for this transition as instructed.

As a currently enrolled student...

  • Your Coastal username and email address will not change ( The new Office 365 email will be your primary email for all Coastal Carolina University communications immediately following the transition. Emails can continue to be sent to your Emails sent to your will be forwarded to Office 365 until further notice.
  • Prepare for this transition by saving any emails and files in your Google email/CCUApps that are important to you or that you wish to save. After the transition, your previous Google email/CCUApps account ( email, Google docs, etc.) will be available during a transitional grace period; however, you will receive notification for when this grace period ends and you will no longer have access to Google email/CCUApps.

    1. To save items from your Google email/CCUApps account, access step-by-step instructions here »
    2. Visit Student Computing Services on campus in Kearns 113 or call 843-349-2220 for tech support assistance in transferring files and emails you wish to save, if desired.
    3. Register and attend an Office 365 workshop on-campus if you would like in-person assistance. Access Workshop Calendar »
  • Access Office 365 online anytime at no cost to current CCU students. You can login to Office 365 with your full CCU email address and password on Coastal's Office 365 portal.

  • Use your new Office 365 account to download the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote for FREE on up to five (5) personal devices and to use for as long as you are a student at Coastal Carolina University.

  • Students receive 1 terabyte (1024GB) of file storage space on OneDrive. Think of Office 365 OneDrive (a cloud-based storage) as a virtual flash drive; your OneDrive cloud storage allows you to edit your documents in Office 365 online from any device.

If you are close to graduation...

  • Your previously created Google account ( email accounts, Google docs, etc.) will remain accessible; however, you will be transitioned to Office 365 .

  • Students can continue to login to their Google email/CCUApps account at to save emails or to save any files during a transitional grace period until October 31, 2017. Keep in mind, your Office 365 email account will take its place. Emails addressed to your Google account will be forwarded to your new Office 365 account until further notice.
  • Access Office 365 online for your Coastal email anytime.  Your current student subscription to Office 2016 will expire after your graduation.
  • Get your CCU email on a mobile phone, which will require deleting and re-adding of your email account. See the section above for resource links.

If you need assistance...