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Fall 2015 Farmers Market

Fall 2015 Farmers Market - TBD

‌‌The Farmers Market at Coastal Carolina University is a special event to invite the students, staff and faculty to browse and purchase local produce and products. In cooperation with the Waccamaw Market Cooperative, the CCU Farmers Market will include a variety of local, seasonal items available for purchase. Payments in debit/credit, EBT, cash and check are accepted. Only approved vendors that are members of the Waccamaw Market Cooperative are eligible to participate. Please contact the Waccamaw Market Cooperative for details on becoming a vendor, (843) 365-6715 or info@waccamarkets.org 

Parking - Farmers Market Parking Map

For more information or to volunteer, please call 843-349-5041 or email sustain@coastal.edu.