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Room Selection

In order to ensure assignments are made quickly and effectively as we move into the orientation season, we are going to end our period of self-selected assignments and move to administrative assignment. This means students completing the application from today forward will provide community preferences rather than selecting their own bed and our team will assign them based on preferences and availability. You will be able to make changes to your assignment as space is available until July 31. Opening is still seven weeks away and much will happen in that time.

If you are just now applying for housing or did not complete your application, we ask that you complete your application fully which includes selecting a meal plan. Once you are assigned housing, we will assign you the Basic 21 plan if you have not already selected one yourself.

As a reminder, first- and second-year students are required to live in University Housing (unless approved by University Housing for exemption). Students who do not apply for housing and are required to live on campus will be randomly assigned and billed for a space. To review the Housing and Meal Plan Requirement (STUD-CLSE-336) policy in detail, go to:

2017-2018 Room Selection Timeline

  • Now - Housing Application Process Open
  • Now - Pre-Fall Opening Room Changes Open at MyCoastalHome
  • July 31 - Pre-Fall Opening Room Changes End
  • September 1, 11:59 p.m. - Last Day to Change Fall Meal Plan

Room Changes

Once you have a housing assignment, you are eligible to change your assignment until Monday, July 31. To do so, go back to your housing application and click on the Room Selection step. You will see a tab under Room Selection called "Select a Different Room". Select a Different Room allows you to search for available spaces and change your assignment. Please note you are only able to change your assignment and not the assignment of any preferred roommate(s). If your preferred roommate wants to change too, he or she will need to follow the same process.

More Information

Below are links to various parts of our website which will provide you more information during the Room Selection process.

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