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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply for housing?

The fall application "goes live" in the February prior to the semester. (For Fall 2014, the application will be available in WebAdvisor February 1, 2014.)

The spring application "goes live" in October prior to the semester. (For Spring 2014, the application is currently posted in WebAdvisor.)

Students only need to complete one application per academic year. Once a student applies for the fall semester, he or she does not need to reapply for the spring semester.



Is University Place considered on campus housing?

University Place is considered on campus housing located a 1/2 mile from the main campus. Housing nearly 2,400 freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors in apartment style buildings, it offers an Activity House equipped with an exercise and fitness centers, outdoor pool, social room with wide screen TV, basketball and volleyball courts, outdoor grills, and picnic tables. For more information on the invidividual communities, follow these links:



What is the two year live on requirement?

First and second year students are required to live on campus unless they are living with their parents or guardians, are married, have dependent children, or are veterans or active military. Studies have shown students who live on campus have higher GPAs, are more likely to graduate in four years, are more likely to get involved in academic and extracurricular activities, receive more academic and emotional support, and express greater satisfaction with their educational experience. We have been able to guarantee everyone who meets that requirement a bed on main campus or at University Place and still have enough beds to house a handful of new transfer students and upper classmen.



If I did not get my preferred room type, do I have to pay the higher rate for what I was assigned?

Residents are always billed for the space they occupy even if it was not preference indicated on their housing application. Housing rates are approved annually by the Coastal Carolina University Board of Trustees and reflect the most cost efficient operation of our facilities possible including completely inclusive utilities and the support of 24 hour a day maintenance and custodial staff and a host of student and professional staff trained and dedicated to connecting you to the university and committed to helping you be successful. You may request a room change to a less expensive option and will be moved if it that option is available and your student account will reflect the daily rate for the time you spent in both spaces.



Why am I in a doubled room in University Place or a tripled room on Main Campus?

In order to provide the most spaces at the least cost we have decided to offer triple and double rooms in our communities. These rooms are selected because they can safely and comfortably accommodate the furniture necessary for two or three students to live successfully. Even after will complete construction of the new residence halls being planned for the north side of campus we will continue to offer these more affordable options to our incoming and returning residents.



Can I change rooms?

Please remember, there is a lot of time and energy put in to making the best housing assignments possible, therefore they are final.

  • Prior to fall move-in, please email the University Housing office (housing@coastal.edu) from your CCU email account to place your name on the room change request list. Pre fall moves will be processed until July 31 as spaces become available. Keep in mind that not all requests can be met by July 31. Students whose names remain on the list will be contacted. Once you move in the best way to pursue a move request is to speak with your Resident Director. Not every request can be honored, so work with your RA and current roommates to make the most of the assignment you have now…you might be surprised how often roommates who did not know each other to start off become the best of friends.

  • Once the academic year has begun, if a student would like to request a room change, they can do so after the third week into the semester. Room change requests go through the Resident Director (RD) of each community. Requests are granted on a space-available basis during the third through sixth weeks of the semester. If a student wants to change rooms because of a roommate conflict, he/she must consult with his/her Resident Assistant (RA) and/or Resident Director (RD) and discuss the issues at hand before a room change will be considered.



Can I change my meal plan?

Students living in University Housing can change their meal plan by calling the University Housing office or emailing housing@coastal.edu. These changes can be made during the first two weeks of the semester. Those students living off campus should work with the Office of Student Accounts located in the Baxley Hall or by calling 843-349-2159.



Do I need insurance?

The University does not carry insurance that will cover losses you might incur from fire, theft, or other casualty. We encourage you to consider a personal property insurance plan or renter’s insurance if you are not sufficiently covered under another insurance policy.



Can I have overnight guests?

Residents are permitted to have same-gender; overnight guests as long as it is okay with your roommate(s). (This includes parents or siblings.) Overnight guests are allowed to stay for a maximum of three nights each month. A guest request form must be filled out and approved by the community’s Resident Director (RD). Forms are available at every community desk.



What furnishings does the University provide to residence in the halls?

Beds, desks and desk chairs, chest of drawers, closet space, central heat and air-conditioning, cable television port, window coverings and internet port are provided in each room. Suite and apartments will have additional furninshings in the kitchen, living room or dining room areas. Check the residence hall page for more details. Residents are responsible for the furniture in their bedroom and any common area space. All of the furniture that is in a space at check-in must be there at check-out. Although all of the furnishings we provide are not brand new, we do expect our residents to treat these items with respect and proper care.



Is the laundry free?

Laundry machine use for all residents is free of charge. Please bring only laundry soap that is marked “HE” for our High Efficiency, low water, low suds washers!



Can I stay in the halls during the breaks?

Residents are allowed to stay during Thanksgiving Break and Spring Break, but the University has a strict 'No Guest' policy during these weeks. While residents do not have to remove their belongings during official University breaks, they must vacate the premises during Winter Break. Rooms should be clean and free of trash and other clutter when students leave for breaks. Health, fire and safety inspections are conducted during all breaks and at regular intervals throughout the school year. Any rooms, bathrooms, kitchens or common areas found to be in unacceptable condition will require resident attention immediately, and in most cases, before departing for a break.



Does the University have a tobacco policy?

As of August 1st, 2014 Coastal Carolina University became a Tobacco Free Campus. Smoking/Tobacco usage is no longer permitted on Coastal Carolina University property.



What is the University's stance on drugs and alcohol?

CCU is a “Zero Tolerance” Campus. NO alcohol or illegal substances are permitted at any time in or around the residence halls, regardless of age. At University Place, alcohol is only permitted in apartments in which all assigned residents are of legal drinking age. Residents in these units must register with University Housing to be considered a “wet” unit.



 University Housing creates a foundation of care for resident safety and success.

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