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Register Game Consoles, Devices

To self-register your game console or media streaming device you must first install the MetaAccess NAC Policy Key (formerly Impulse SafeConnect- instructions below) on your computer or be able to connect to the network (wired or wireless) with a mobile device.

Registration requires you to have a computer/device (PC, Mac, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) connected to the Internet through MetaAccess IN ADDITION TO your game console/media device.

Media streaming devices for this purpose include XBOX, Playstation, Apple TV, smart TV, Roku box, BlueRay disc player, Kindle, etc. Devices such as iPads, tablets or mobile phone do not require this registration. 


1. Depending on your preference, connect your game console/media device to CCU ResNet via a wired or wireless connection. Note: A wired connection is strongy encouraged for greater stability and speed.
2. On your game console/media device, navigate to the network settings menu to locate your MAC (hardware) address. You will need the MAC address to register your game console/media device.
3. On a SEPARATE computer/device (PC, Mac, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) that is CONNECTED to the Internet through CCU ResNet (wired or unwired connection), click here to enroll.
4. Enter your CCU username and password. Following your review, check the box next to "I accept the acceptable use policy." Click Submit.
5. On the Device Registration page, complete the form and click Enroll Device.

What is MetaAccess NAC (formerly Impulse SafeConnect)?

MetaAccess is a NAC (network access control) tool to help ensure that only current Coastal Carolina University students, faculty, and staff can use University network resources. It also validates that each system meets security requirements to keep the network safe for all users. Specifically, MetaAccess checks the following:

•  MetaAccess NAC t Policy Key installed
•  Authentication using CCU username/password
•  Operating System patches installed and up-to-date
•  Antivirus Software installed and up-to-date

How do I install MetaAccess NAC?

If you have not installed the MetaAccess NAC Policy Key, you will be prompted to do so after opening a web browser.
1. The MetaAccess NAC Client and related Policy Key must be installed on any computer on the CCU network. Select the appropriate titled instructions (you must have Adobe Reader to view the PDF files below):
            Install MetaAccess NAC for Windows
            Install MetaAccess NAC for Apple/Macs
            Install MetaAccess for Mobile

            Register Game Consoles, Printers, and Media Devices

2. Antivirus software recognized by MetaAccess NAC must be installed on your computer and your virus definition files must be up-to-date.          
            Download free antivirus software »  
            How to verify your antivirus software is running and up-to-date »

3. Your Operating System must be current and configured to look for updates.     
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