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Wireless Access

Installing Wi-Fi across campus has been a Key Initiative for ITS and for the entire University community. The implementation plan for wireless access has been developed in three phases:

• Residence Halls
• Academic Areas
• Outdoor Campus

There are more than 2,500 wireless access points installed in the buildings throughout campus; however, there are bound to be areas where the wireless network may not yet be available or access is interupted while moving around campus. Prioritization of traffic accomodates the requirements of different applications and load balancing. In most cases, wireless is meant to supplement the wired network as the wired connection is always the faster and more stable connection.

As a security measure, the campus network requires a periodic reauthentication via SafeConnect every thirty days. If you are having trouble acccessing the CCU's wireless network, try logging into your wireless account where you will be asked for your CCU username and password, and you will be asked to agree to the terms of use by selecting the agree box. 

Directions for Accessing Wireless/SafeConnect:

Accessing Wireless - Windows  |   Install SafeConnect for Windows

Accessing Wireless - Mac  |   Install SafeConnect for Apple/Macs

Install SafeConnect for Mobile

Register Game Consoles, Printers, and Media Devices

Guest Wireless Access

The CCU Guest wireless network is provided for visitors and short-term guests and allows limited access to the Internet and Coastal Carolina University resources. CCU Guest can be used for wireless devices that do not support the security protocols required to connect to the CCU secure wireless network.

‌It is easy to connect to CCU Guest from most wireless devices. Your device should be able to "see" the network as one of the open wireless options and connect instantly. If your device does not recognize the network, please contact the ITS Service Center at 843-349-5000 for assistance.