Corie White

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Name: Corie White                                                                                         

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colo.

Year in School: Senior                                                   

Major: Communication

Social Media Handle: @corieswhite


                                Corie is from Colorado

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So, my Coastal story is not very typical. I came here as a freshman without really knowing why. I hadn’t even seen the campus until I got here for Orientation. I wasn’t very committed to the idea of college and was just kind of feeling things out. Still unsure of what I was doing, I transferred to the University of South Carolina afterwards. UofSC was alright, but I always found myself missing Coastal. I went to UofSC briefly before deciding to drop out. My grades weren’t great, my morale was low, and I truly didn’t believe college was for me. I know that’s not very uplifting, but it is part of my story.

Not long afterwards, I got a letter from Coastal encouraging me to reapply. It felt like a sign to me, so I enrolled again last year. I changed my major and was very fortunate to get a bunch of amazing professors who were eager to help me. I have also received a ton of support from the people I work with at CHANT411 and the friends I have made in the Outdoor Adventure Club. Since deciding to return, I have been a year-round student, taking classes over the summer and winter breaks. After everything, I got caught up and am super excited to graduate (mostly) on time! A semester late, but Class of 2019 nonetheless!!

Corie works for CHANT411.

Meet Corie

Favorite professor: I have too many, but I’ll narrow it down to Sharon Tutrone and Kate Oestreich.

Favorite classes: Media Relations (JOUR 312) and Public Relations Practice and Events (JOUR 319), both with Elizabeth Muckensturm.

Campus Involvement (organizations, activities, etc.): I work for CHANT411, I am in the Outdoor Adventure Club, and I am an alumna of Delta Sigma Pi (alumna because I am no longer a business major).

Favorite trait of #CCU: The campus is beautiful and there are so many opportunities for student involvement.

Favorite Netflix series: New Girl. I am Nick and Nick is me.

Favorite charitable cause: The Grey Muzzle Organization, which focuses on improving the lives of at-risk senior dogs. Old doggos need the most lovin’!

Item you would bring to a deserted island: A hammock

Dream job:  I would like to organize and put on music festivals and large-scale outdoor concerts.

Favorite Southern food: Scrambled eggs mixed into cheese grits

Motivating factor in life: Pushing myself to do things even when I don’t want to or when they seem impossible. Always proving myself wrong and continuing to learn and grow.

Favorite quote: “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” -Gandhi

Bonus Info: I am an avid adventurist, always looking for an opportunity to go somewhere. I have been on two cross country road trips just this year, with another one coming up in January. Other than that, I’m a super corny person. And I really love music. I AM the person who will look up the songs people post on their Instagram stories.

Corie is graduating in December 2019.