Kelsey Kramer

Kelsey Kramer

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Name: Kelsey Kramer 

Hometown: Mechanicsburg, Pa.

Year in School: Senior 

Major: Communication


Kelsey is from Mechanicsburg, Pa.

Kelsey's Video

Know the name Kelsey Kramer? If you don’t already, chances are you will soon enough. You see, most professionals work their entire careers in hopes of one day landing a job at the premiere organization within their industry. A senior communication student from Mechanicsburg, Pa., Kelsey has already reached that point.

In 5th grade, Kelsey wrote a letter to herself stating her desire to become a sports reporter. Dated June 6, 2007, it took less than 11 years to reach her goal. Even more remarkable than the pace Kelsey reached her dream is the fashion she did it in. After interning for Fox Sports in Los Angeles, she broke in with the Worldwide Leader in Sports, landing a gig as an ESPN3 sideline basketball reporter for the Big South Conference. Before she knew it, ESPN superstar Samantha Ponder was sending Kelsey social media shout outs. It was surreal.

But, according to Kelsey, her quick ascent would not have been possible if not for her University.

“Coastal hasn’t only opened doors for me, it has helped me every step of the way,” Kelsey says. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without CCU.”

Although Kelsey gives Athletic Director Matt Hogue credit for her breakthrough with ESPN (he was teaching a class Kelsey was taking when he helped her make a connection), she identifies the entire CCU faculty for helping her reach success, saying her professors have become “like family.” Beyond the men and women shaping her in the classroom, she has a genuine appreciation for Coastal Carolina as a whole, calling it “home.”

With a semester left before she graduates, Kelsey says she wants to “be a college kid.” Since arriving at Coastal, she has worked nonstop to achieve her goals and maintain a perfect GPA.  With her chapter at CCU nearing a close, she wants to savor the last few months she has on campus. Not that it will be easy. Kelsey will continue to travel to Big South Conference sites to work the sidelines as basketball season stretches through March. However, she will find a way to maximize the enjoyment of her remaining time as a Chanticleer by employing the same attitude she has had since the 5th grade.

“Persistence is key,” Kelsey explains. “If you are persistent enough, you will get to where you want to go.”



Kelsey enjoys the sports reporting work of Samantha Ponder.
Kelsey is a communication major.

Q&A with Kelsey

How did you hear about Coastal?: I am originally from Georgia and my family has been coming to Myrtle Beach ever since I was a toddler!  

Why did you come to Coastal?: I came to Coastal because of the atmosphere and because I had a very convincing tour guide. 

Favorite professor: Michael DiGiorgio and Kim Schumacher

Favorite class: TV Studio Production 

Favorite aspect of Coastal?: The professors and staff. Everyone is SO willing to help you achieve your goals. HUGE thanks to Director of Athletics Matt Hogue for all he has done for me. 

Favorite aspect of living in the Conway/Myrtle Beach area?: The beach and a million restaurants to choose from. I like to eat.

Do you work anywhere currently (either on or off campus)?: I currently am a sideline reporter for ESPN3. I cover men’s and women's basketball games for the Big South Conference. 

Plans after graduation?:  I plan on using my Fox Sports and ESPN contacts to land a contract somewhere! 

What are your hobbies?: I love playing tennis and going to the beach with a good book. 

Do you have any hidden talents?: My cooking never fails to make the fire alarm go off. I could sleep for 20 hours if I had the time.

Bonus Info: In 5th grade I wrote a letter (I have the letter) saying I wanted to be a sports reporter and here I am. I interned in Los Angeles for three months with Fox Sports as a sports researcher.