Nancy A. Smith

Nancy A. Smith

Nancy A. Smith (1918-2002) was a community idealist and activist in Georgetown and Horry counties.

She was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Duke University with an undergraduate degree in English literature.

In her honor and through a bequest, the Nancy Arthur Smith Distinguished Visitors-in-Residence Series was established in 2004 to support campus residencies for artists and scholars in the areas of history, international affairs, literature, performing arts, politics and visual arts.

She was the wife of the late original founder of the University, R. Cathcart Smith. When the R. Cathcart Smith Science Center was named and dedicated on April 17, 1998, the late chairman of the board of trustees Franklin Burroughs said, "In recognition of the love and commitment Cathcart Smith and his family have held for Coastal Carolina and for the great support they have provided...and continue to provide...for the advancement of this institution ...we officially name and dedicate the R. Cathcart Smith Science Center." The Smiths were also recognized as part of the Atheneum Society for lifetime giving to the University.

Nancy Smith was posthumously named an honorary founder of Coastal Carolina University in 2011.