Highway 544 Safety

Highway 544 Safety

Coastal Carolina University began exploring options to improve the safety of the Highway 544 corridor on the perimeter of the campus. These efforts were fully launched with the addition of the traffic light and crosswalk at Highway 544 and Founders Drive. The following additional options have been explored:

  • Reduction of the speed limit on Highway 544 adjacent to campus
  • Blinking yellow light to to caution drivers of pedestrian traffic
  • Center median to eliminate pedestrian cross traffic in non-designated areas of the highway. 

In 2021, the University resumed exploring the option of a pedestrian overpass (PedWay). 

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Highway 544 Safety Recent Status

Jan. 2022
The University has placed the current project with South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) on hold to explore additional options. Studies to review the feasibility of the center median are currently underway and a pedestrian overpass is currently being explored as a possible safety option.