Appendix G. Membership of Task Force 6. Financial Stability and Infrastructure

Stacie Bowie, Chair*
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Barbara Burd
Dean of Library Services, Kimbel Library

Sallie Clarkson
Associate Provost, Academic Administration

Amanda Craddock
Assistant Provost, Admissions and Merit Awards

Darla Domke-Damonte*
Chair, Strategic Planning Steering Committee, and Associate Provost for Global Initiatives

Abdallah Haddad
Chief Information and Technology Officer

Rose Marie Johnson*
Coordinator, Risk Management and Strategic Planning

Charles Jordan*
Board Member, Coastal Educational Foundation

Rein Mungo
Interim Director, Facilities

Mark Roach
Vice President, Philanthropy

David Yancey
Associate Provost, Special Projects

*Task force member is also a member of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee.