Key Institutional Strategies

After a review of the commitments noted within the CCU mission and values statement and a comprehensive assessment of external trends, internal strengths and weaknesses, and practices and positions of peer and aspirant institutions, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee collectively identified a total of 56 potential key strategy statements. After evaluating common themes from among those potential statements, the strategy statements were reduced and combined to arrive at the following six key themes.

Comprehensive strategy statements were then developed by the SPSC for each theme, and these strategy statements were approved on December 3, 2015. Minor modifications were made to the strategy statements through motions forwarded to the SPSC by the task forces involved in the deliberation on goals and objectives for action planning under each strategy statement and are incorporated into the comprehensive list below:

Strategy 1. Academic Excellence and Instructional Quality

Foster academic excellence through a teacher-scholar model with enhanced and supported effective teaching and scholarly/creative endeavors, expanded learning opportunities, and engagement of all campus community members.

Strategy 2. Student Excellence

Promote an educational environment that engages students to develop knowledge, learn and apply skills, and act as responsible, healthy and productive citizens with a global perspective.

Strategy 3. An Engaged Staff and Faculty

Foster a community of engaged and qualified staff and faculty by providing them with resources, opportunities for professional development, recognition of their contributions and successes, and personal enrichment.

Strategy 4. Accessibility, Inclusion, Diversity

Engage students, faculty, staff and the greater community in a partnership of learning grounded in the liberal arts, based on respect for diversity and inclusion.

Strategy 5. The CCU Story

Effectively communicate the goals, successes, contributions and needs of our University, students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Strategy 6. Financial Stability and Infrastructure

Support University excellence by ensuring appropriate resources and infrastructure for its long-term viability with a strong focus on fiscal accountability, transparency, planning, fundraising and innovative outreach activities.