Sydney Barnhill

Sydney Barnhill

Academic Advisor- CMC College of Health and Human Performance

Phone: 843-349-4135 Email: Office Hours:


Sydney Barnhill received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from CCU in 2020 and returned to CCU that fall to earn her Masters degree. In the spring of 2022, she received her Master of Arts degree in Communication from CCU. Throughout her graduate experience, she was able to work with diverse populations in the classroom. For 3 semesters, she taught and facilitated COMM*160 and in her final semester of graduate school, she assisted the then Director of Student Success, Recruitment, and Career Transition in the Edwards College facilitate UNIV*110, as well as assist her with students that were on academic probation and advisory. The work that she did with those students made Sydney realize that she wanted to find a career that revolved around assisting college students in their academic journey.


Sydney has been at CCU for over 5 years, including the time that she was a student. Once she graduated with her Masters degree, she worked in the Office of Admissions and Merit Awards as a Freshman Recruiter. In addition to that, she has also worked for many years at the Ripley’s Attractions of Myrtle Beach, Pandora Jewelry, and The Olive Shoppe in Barefoot Landing.


Outside of work, Sydney enjoys volunteering with a local Girl Scout troop, as well as volunteering with her church on Sundays and Wednesdays. She also loves to spend time with her husband. The best piece of advice Sydney has for students is to be okay with not knowing what to do next. Sometimes all it takes is one experience to show you what you’re meant to do in life and it’s okay if you haven’t had that yet. You will have that moment and it will make all of the hard work you’ve done so far worth it.