Morgan Sumner

Associate Director

Phone: 843-349-6959 Email: Office Hours:


Morgan started in Student-Athlete Academic Services in 2016 at Old Dominion University as an Assistant Academic Advisor working with Football. She then accepted a position at University of Kentucky in Spring of 2017 working as an Assistant Academic Counselor for Football. Then in Summer of 2019, she took a position at Old Dominion University as Academic Advisor for Football, Rowing, Men and Women's Golf. In Summer of 2022, she was promoted to Associate Director of Student-Athlete Academic Services and Academic Strategy working with Football. Then in Spring of 2023, she accepted a position at Coastal Carolina University as Associate Director of Student-Athlete Academic Services working directly with Football and Volleyball. What led her to Coastal Carolina University was the family atmosphere of the University and specifically the Student-Athlete Academic Services Department. Family is a part of her core values and she wanted to work at an Institution that aligned with those.

In her free time, she likes to work out and go to the beach with Elsa, her boxer.

Morgan’s why is being able to wake up every day knowing that in some way with the guidance of her faith, she is able to impact a student-athlete's life. She knows that we all come from different backgrounds and walks of life but pushes every student-athlete to see what she sees when she looks at them- A strong, intelligent, and driven individual that has the whole world in front of them. To see past the stereotypes society puts on them and create their own story. She wakes up everyday loving her job and loving what she does.