University Peer Leader FAQs

How do I meet and contact my peer leader?

You will meet your peer leader in your UNIV 110 class, and they’ll share their email and contact info with you then.  You can expect them to reach out to you individually in the first couple weeks of class and throughout the semester.  And they’d love to hear from you any time!

Will my peer leader know about my major and my other classes?

Your peer leader will be familiar with your major.  They also know a great deal about courses in other disciplines and can help you find more information on anything they don’t know. 

Why should I meet with my peer leader? What are the benefits of having a peer leader?

They know the answers to your questions about college!  Building a relationship with your peer leader allows you to learn about Coastal’s resources and opportunities from a student who has been in your shoes. Peer leaders will help you get connected with your fellow majors so you can begin building your community at Coastal.  All these things will help you make a successful transition to college. 

What kinds of activities or events can I expect my peer leader to invite me to?

There are a variety of activities and events your peer leader may invite you to.  These may be academically focused, such as a workshop or speaker, or more socially focused, such as a Homecoming event or concert or play. These are great opportunities for you to meet up with other students in your College and get exposure to some of the hundreds of events happening on campus. 

Can my peer leader handle a problem I have with my instructors?

Your peer leader is trained to help you work with your instructors to resolve any issues.  They can give you advice on how to use office hours to your advantage and how to approach an instructor with a concern.  However, it’s up to you to speak with your instructor to advocate for yourself.

Can I contact my peer leader any time I have a question? Is my peer leader available to answer non-academic questions?

Yes!  That’s what they’re here for and they welcome your questions!  If it’s something they can’t handle, they may need to direct you to a faculty or staff member to help you but they’re always a great first stop!

What does a peer leader do?

Peer leaders assist and support incoming students in their transition to college through assignment to a UNIV 110 class and by serving as a resource and a trusted friend.  They meet with their mentees individually a minimum of three times per semester or as often as requested.  They may assist the 110 instructor in presenting information in class or may organize groups of mentees to attend various campus events, with the goal of promoting engagement in the campus community. 

How do I become an University peer leader?

We identify potential peer leaders through nominations by their deans, professors, advisors, department chairs, or other faculty and staff.  Interested students are also encouraged to self-nominate. 

What are the benefits of being a peer leader?

You get to work with great people while you’re helping great people!  You will gain leadership experience, forge connections with faculty and staff, and improve your communication skills.  And you’ll do it all in a relaxed, fun environment that fits around your schedule. 

Is this a paid position?

Yes!  You are paid a stipend for the academic year. 

What is the timeline for applying?

Nominations are solicited for the next academic year starting in January.  Interviews take place beginning in February and continue until all positions are filled.

How will peer leaders be interacting with my student?

Peer leaders will be available in the classroom during UNIV 110 meetings.  They meet individually with each student at least three times each semester, and peer leaders also invite groups of students to join them at various campus events.

Will the peer leader tutor my student?

Peer leaders do not provide tutoring, but they can direct students to the various tutoring options available across campus.