Committee Members

Academic Affairs Committee

2023-2024 Roster 

College of Business

Mitchell Church  (2)
Dennis Edwards  (3)

College of Education and Social Sciences

Robert Jenkot  (1)
Catharina Middleton  (3)

College of Health and Human Performance

Hannah Coffman  (2)
Justin Guilkey  (1)

College of Humanities and Fine Arts

Amanda Brian  (3)
Dennis Earl  (2)

College of Science

Menassie Ephrem*  (2)
Michael Pierce  (1)

HTC Honors College

Keaghan Turner  (3)
Vacant (1)

Kimbel Library

Kimberly Foster  (2)

Ex-officio Members

Provost Designee - Teresa Burns
Enrollment Management: Amanda Craddock
Registrar: Stacy Wyeth 

University Advising (non-voting): Frankie Weeks
Students (2 non-voting): 

*Chair of the committee
The number after committee member's name reflects the remaining years in term.