Academic Continuity Plan

CCU Academic Continuity Plan

In the event of an interruption of campus operations, Coastal Carolina University is prepared to shift “face-to-face” classes to online instruction in order to maintain academic progress. A closure of CCU’s campus does not necessarily mean that classes are not continuing. In most disciplines, instruction will continue in an online environment.

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Most faculty will engage students through Moodle, our university’s Learning Management System. If able, students are expected to log in to Moodle daily during an interruption of campus operations. Students should be prepared for direct communication from their instructor for each of their classes via CCU’s email system.

Students can access their classes during the period an Academic Continuity Plan is in effect via

We are aware that in the event of an evacuation, student access to digital resources can be limited. As such, faculty will accommodate a variety of circumstances. Student safety is paramount, and we will adjust assignments and due dates to reflect changing conditions.

When instruction is redirected from on-campus classes to Moodle, students should refer to Moodle for each of their classes to learn what is expected of them. With due regard for student health and comfort, we are responsible for providing a learning environment that will allow students to continue their studies in the event of a campus closure.