Assistant Professor, Anthropology and Geography

Clayton Whitesides

Associate Dean and Professor of Geography

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Clayton Whitesides is a physical and environmental geographer specializing in upland and mountain environments. Whitesides joined the faculty of Coastal Carolina University in 2013, and began his position as associate dean for the Spadoni College of Education and Social Sciences in 2023. He has research experience in the American Southeast and throughout the American West.  In addition to university-level teaching and research, he has worked as a cartographer for America’s Byways program.


Ph.D., Texas State University
M.S., Brigham Young University
B.S., Utah State University

Selected Publications

Sawyer, C.F., C.J. Whitesides, and M.B. Stine. 2022. Bioturbation by grizzly bears in relict solifluction features of Glacier National Park, Montana, USA: A case study. Revista De Geomorfologie 24 (2): 40-49.

Johnson, J.D. and C.J. Whitesides. 2022. Reflecting on Interdisciplinary Trends in Artificial Reef Design, Monitoring, and Assessment: Insight from recent developments and hope in the Restoring Resilient Reefs Act. The Geographical Bulletin 63 (2): 53-56.

Whitesides, C.J., D. Cagalanan, H. Graham, A. Hall, R. Kuiken, T. McCullough, and B. Rogers. 2021. A survey of interdisciplinary geography study abroad opportunities. The Geography Teacher 18 (3-4): 98-100.

Cagalanan, D., and C.J. Whitesides. 2021. Integrated international field trips maximize accessibility and preserve learning value in an age of uncertainty. The Geography Teacher 18 (3-4): 146-149.

Cerney, D.L, C.J. Whitesides, M.J. Allen, B. Montz, and J.L. Burrell. 2021. A disciplinary perspective: applied geography and gender concerns. Papers in Applied Geography 7 (2): 199-216.

Whitesides, C.J. 2018. Henry Gannett: The unknown father of American timberline research. Progress in Physical Geography 42 (3): 406-412.

Whitesides, C.J., and D.R. Butler. 2016. Bioturbation by gophers and marmots and its effects on conifer germination. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms doi: 10.1002/esp.4046

Townsend, C.G., M.H. Connolly, and C.J. Whitesides. 2015. “My friend, the fire ant”: A preliminary analysis of the role of fire ants in grapevine health. Papers in Applied Geography 2 (1): 85-95

Whitesides, C.J. 2015. The bioturbation of Olympic marmots (Marmota olympus) and their impacts on soil properties. Physical Geography 36 (3): 202-214

Whitesides, C.J., and M.H. Connolly. 2012. Estimating fractional snow cover in mountain environments with fuzzy classification. International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research 3 (3): 1-20

Whitesides, C.J., and M.F. Bekker. 2011. Rocky substrate and the lower treeline ecotone of Yellowstone’s Northern Range. Physical Geography 32 (4): 356-373

Whitesides, C.J., and D.R. Butler. 2011. Adequacies and deficiencies of alpine and subalpine treeline studies in the national parks of western USA. Progress in Physical Geography 35 (1): 19-42

Teaching Areas

Physical Geography
World Regional Geography
Geospatial Technologies

Research Areas

Invasive species
Vegetation dynamics