Andrea Bergstrom

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Andrea Bergstrom, Ph.D.

Incoming Associate Chair | Associate Professor - Communication, Media, & Culture

Phone: 843-349-2861 Email: BRTH 321 (Clay D. Brittain, Jr. Hall) Office Hours:

Fall 2024 TBA


Dr. Bergstrom is a teacher-scholar in the field of Communication Studies, having earned her graduate degrees in Communication at UMass Amherst. She has authored and co-authored multiple journal articles and book chapters as well as the book The O.C.: A Critical Understanding (2014). Additionally, Dr. Bergstrom has presented her work on media literacy and critical pedagogy, media representations and effects, as well as family communication at regional, national, and international conferences.


  • Ph.D., Communication, University of Massachusetts Amherst (2011)
  • M.A., Communication, University of Massachusetts Amherst (2005)
  • B.A./B.S., Mass Communications (Media Studies), Marketing, Franklin Pierce College (Valedictorian) (2002)


  • 2022-2023 Edwards College Distinguished Scholarship or Creative Endeavors
  • Top Paper Award, Undergraduate College and University Section. National Communication Association. (2021). Craig, C., Bergstrom, A., Brooks, M.L., & Bichard, S. Navigating the New Normal: Teaching in the Time of Covid.
  • Top Paper Panel, Health Communication Division, National Communication Association. (2019). Selby, C., Bergstrom, A., & Dalelio, C. Balancing Act: Parental Negotiation of Food Preferences.
  • Top Paper Award, Eastern Communication Association. Flynn, M., Surprenant, T., Craig, C. & Bergstrom, A. (2019). Is it Good for Me? A Content Analysis of the Healthiness of Foods Advertised in Magazines.

Selected Publications

  • Brooks, M.L., Bichard, S., Craig, C. & Bergstrom, A. (2022). The ads must go on. The Ohio Journal of Communication.
  • Bergstrom, A., Flynn, M. & Craig, C. (2022). Eat up?: A content analysis of gender roles and representation within food advertising in popular magazines. Journal of Magazine Media.
  • Selby, C., Dalelio, C., & Bergstrom, A. (2022). Mealtime power play: Parenting and Communicative influences on children’s nutrition and health. The Northwest Journal of Communication, 49(1), 93- 126.
  • Bergstrom, A., Dalelio, C., & Selby, C. (2021). The changing educational media landscape for children: How television, gaming and social media shape developing minds. Chapter in Children’s Issues in the Socio-Cultural Environment: Russia and the USA. Ed. W. Hills. Moscow, Russia: Russian State Social University Press.
  • Selby, C. & Bergstrom, A. (2021). Candy bars, canned fruit, and carbonated beverages: Factors contributing to poor food choices among children in US schools. Chapter in Children’s Issues in the Socio-Cultural Environment: Russia and the USA. Ed. W. Hills. Moscow, Russia: Russian State Social University Press.
  • Craig, C., Bergstrom, A., & Buschhorn, J. (2021). All guest speakers are not created equal: Diverse students require diverse speakers. Journal of Advertising Education, 24(2).
  • Flynn, M., Suprenant, T., Craig, C., & Bergstrom, A. (2020). Is it good for me? A content analysis of the healthiness of foods advertised in magazines. Atlantic Journal of Communication.
  • Ranta, J., Davis, D. & Bergstrom, A. (2019). Career confidence: Fostering professional self-efficacy through student-run agencies and integrative learning. Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, 1-14.
  • Craig, C., Flynn M. & Bergstrom, A. (2019). Advertising strategies and product claims: A content analysis of food advertising in popular magazines. Journal of Magazine Media, 19(2).
  • Bergstrom, A., Flynn, M. & Craig, C. (2018). Deconstructing media in the college classroom: A longitudinal critical media literacy intervention. Journal of Media Literacy Education, 10(3). 

Interesting Facts

  • While serving as an Assistant Professor of Media Studies at Franklin Pierce University, Dr. Bergstrom was awarded Student Government Association Distinguished Faculty Award in 2013 for exceptional teaching and work with student organizations. 

Program Affiliations

  • Graduate Studies
  • Honors Program
  • Women's and Gender Studies

Teaching Areas

  • Communication Studies
  • Communication Theory
  • Communication Research
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Gender Communication
  • Family Communication
  • Communication Capstone: Project
  • Communication Capstone: Thesis

Research Areas

  • Communication and Identity
  • Media Literacy
  • Higher Education Pedagogy
  • Media Representations of Gender, Race, Class, Sexuality, and Consumerism
  • Children and Media
  • Family Communication