José Sanjinés

Headshot of Dr. José Sanjinés

José Sanjinés, Ph.D.

Professor - Communication, Media, & Culture

Phone: 843-349-2467 Email: BRTH 319 (Clay D. Brittain, Jr. Hall) Office Hours:

Fall 2024 TBA


Born in La Paz, Bolivia, Dr. José Sanjinés has lived in the United States most of his life. He teaches various courses on semiotics (the study of signs and systems of communication), cultural studies, and world film. He is currently President of Coastal Carolina University’s AAUP Chapter. Among the things he enjoys are sailing and traveling by train.


  • Ph.D., Spanish Culture & Literature, Syracuse University (1990)
  • M.A., Spanish Culture & Literature, Syracuse University (1985)
  • B.A., Economics, Maxwell School of Economics, Syracuse University (1982)


  • Dr. Sanjinés's recent scholarship explores the possibilities (and limits) of today’s multimodal systems of communication.
  • He has published numerous articles in journals such as Semiotica, Signs and Society, Studies in Communication Science, Sign System Studies, Semiotics, The American Journal of Semiotics, The Interdisciplinary Journal for Germanic Linguistics and Semiotic Analysis, The Latin Americanist, and Point of Contact.
  • Dr. Sanjinés is the aurhor of poetry, fiction, and a book on the short narrative of Argentine writer Julio Cortázar, Paseos en el horizonte (Strolls on the Horizon).

Program Affiliations

  • Graduate Studies

Teaching Areas

  • Semiotics of culture
  • World film
  • Cultural studies

Research Areas

  • Transnacional cinema
  • Intersemiosis
  • Cognitive semiotics

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