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The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” -- Winston Churchill


Eliza Glaze is Professor of History at Coastal Carolina University. Since arriving at Coastal from a Visiting Assistant professorship at the College of Charleston in August 2003, she has served also as the chair of the History Department and co-director of the University Honors Program. A strong advocate for Study Abroad, Glaze has led numerous CCU Study Abroad programs to Italy, England, and Ireland. She served many years as the International Programs Liaison for the Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts, and as chair or member of the Faculty Senate Global Engagement Committee.

In her teaching, Glaze explores the interstices between the intellectual and social histories of the Middle Ages, including courses on the History of Western Medicine from Greek Antiquity to the Italian Renaissance; the Norman Conquests of England, S. Italy and Sicily; the Middle Ages; the Age of Crusades; Sexuality and Gender in Medieval Europe; Manuscripts and Archives; and the Byzantine Empire.

Glaze’s broader research interests involves identifying, collecting, and analyzing manuscript evidence to better understand patterns of medical textuality in early and high medieval Europe, of medical pedagogy and practice in and around Salerno, Italy, and the dispersal of that knowledge across Europe during the later 11th and 12th centuries. Her monograph on the subject will be published in the coming year. Glaze’s work as co-principal investigator for the project "Excavating Medicine in a Digital Age: Palaeography and the Medical Book in the Twelfth-Century Renaissance" has contributed to the first published book-length outcome of that meeting, a monograph examining the work of Constantine the African, an eleventh-century North African native who translated many Arabic medical texts into

Latin after settling as a refugee in Salerno and working subsequently at the Abbey of Monte Cassino, where he died “full of days”.

Glaze's most recent publications include “Salerno’s Lombard Prince: Johannes ‘Abbas de Curte as Medical Practitioner,” v. 23 (August 2018): 177-216, and the Introduction to Medicine at Monte Cassino: Constantine the African and the Oldest Manuscript of his ‘Pantegni’, (Turnhout: Brepols, August 2019). Other current projects include critically editing and analyzing the origins and influence of the 11th century "Passionarius/ Liber Nosematon/ Book of Diseases" by Gariopontus of Salerno, which survives in many dozens of glossed manuscripts she has identified and autopsied. Glaze is completing two additional articles tracing the integration of Byzantine and Arabic pharmaceutics into southern Italian therapeutic traditions in the eleventh century.

She recently completed phase one of a grant-funded project, "Medicine at the Crossroads: Constantine the African, Salerno, and the early Articella." Portions of that project will be published in Bloomsbury' Academic's The Cultural History of Medicine (April 2021), and in The Brill Companion to the Beneventan Zone (Brill, expected late 2022). Phase two, undertaken with the support of a Research Enhancement Grant from the Provost's Office, is "Medicine in the Making: Reading Hippocrates and Galen at Monte Cassino and Early Salerno." This final stage has been delayed due to COVID-19's research travel bans.

More on her publications can be found at https://coastal.academia.edu/FlorenceElizaGlaze

Glaze was selected as the University's 2019 HTC Distinguished Teacher-Scholar Lecturer.



Ph.D. Duke University

M.A. Duke University

B.A. College of Charleston 

Teaching Areas

Early and High Medieval Europe, Islam, and Byzantium; History of Western Medicine from Antiquity to the Renaissance; Manuscripts and Archives; Medieval Mediterranean; Digital Humanities

Research Areas

Medicine, pharmacy, and trade in the medieval Mediterranean; Medieval Italy and the transmission of ideas and commodities c. 500-1200 CE; Manuscripts/ Latin Palaeography; Digital History of Textuality

Interesting facts: In the pursuit of excellence

A first-generation college graduate, Eliza Glaze has worked hard to achieve the teacher-scholar model Coastal embraces. She has earned four college-wide outstanding teaching awards, four university research enhancement grants, one university assessment grant, one outstanding advisor award, one university best assessment report award, and three university scholarly research reassignments/sabbaticals. She has been organizational director and host of three international scholarly conferences and symposia held at Duke University/UNC Chapel Hill, the National Humanities Center, and Coastal Carolina University. In 2019, she was awarded Coastal’s highest annual award for teaching and scholarship, the HTC Distinguished Teacher-Scholar Lecturer Award. Previous achievements include:

2003 Wellcome Trust Travel Grant, the Wellcome Library for the History of Medicine, London

2005 NEH Summer Seminar for University Professors awarded participant, “The Bayeux Tapestry and the Anglo-Norman World,” Yale University

2007-8 Andrew W. Mellon Post-doctoral Rome Prize Fellowship in Medieval Studies; Fellow of the American Academy in Rome, www.aarome.org 

2008 Wellcome Trust Travel Grant, the Wellcome Library for the History of Medicine, London

2009 Invited guest teacher for travel-study, Search for the Healthy City IV: in Salerno, Ischia, and Rome, Italy; organized by the University of Tennessee Schools of Medicine and Public Health

2010-11 National Endowment for the Humanities Sabbatical Fellow, the National Humanities Center, www.nationalhumanitiescenter.org 

2010 elected 'Socia' [member colleague] in the Società Internazionale per lo Studio del Medioevo Latino (Florence, Italy), http://www.sismelfirenze.it/ 

2010 “Conversations” Grant co-principal investigator, the National Humanities Center, for planning and hosting the symposium “Excavating Medicine in a Digital Age: Palaeography and the Medical Book in the Twelfth Century Renaissance”

2011 Invited featured speaker, Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Duke University

2011 Invited featured speaker, Mediterranean Studies program, the University of California at Santa Barbara, https://mediterranean.sites.ucsc.edu/court-culture-and-the-mediterranean-workshop-conference-schedules/ 

2012 Invited guest speaker, NEH Summer Seminar for University Professors (in London) “Health and Disease in the Middle Ages” http://www.medievalists.net/2011/12/humanities-scholars-study-health-disease-in-the-middle-ages/, https://asunow.asu.edu/content/humanities-scholars-study-health-disease-middle-ages 

2013-16 Lawrence B. and Jane P. Clark Endowed Professor, Coastal Carolina University (a 3 year appointment)

2015 Invited featured speaker, Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Ohio State University, https://cmrs.osu.edu/events/2015-2016-lecture-series 

2016 Invited keynote speaker, “Medieval Medical Manuscripts: a Colloquium,” Leiden University, the Netherlands

2016 Invited Agricola Seminar speaker, and national graduate seminar in medieval studies guest lecturer, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, the Netherlands

2017 Sir William Osler Research Travel Grant, Osler Library for the History of Medicine, McGill University (declined)

2017-18 Andrew W. Mellon Travel Grant, the Vatican Film Library, St. Louis University (declined)

2018 Invited speaker, “Arabic Medicine Conquers Latin Europe, c. 1050-1300,” Kenan Institute for Ethics, Duke University, https://kenan.ethics.duke.edu/event/arabic-medicine-conquers-latin-europe-1050-1300-methods-and-motives/ 

2018 Invited speaker, “Drugs in the Medieval World, c. 1050-1400,” King’s College, London, https://www.kcl.ac.uk/events/event-story.aspx?id=585af024-781c-4eab-9892-1ad9bcc4ec5d 

2019 CCU’s HTC Distinguished Teacher-Scholar Lecturer Award, https://www.coastal.edu/info/facstaff/facstaffresources/recognitionandawards/htcdistinguishedteacher-scholarlectureraward/ 

2019 Invited speaker, “Scientific Knowledge in the Early Middle Ages,” CISAM/ the Center for the Study of the Early Middle Age’s “Settimana di Studio”/Week of Graduate Study; Spoleto, Italy, http://www.cisam.org/eventi_cisam.php