Secure Housing

Apply for Housing

To apply for University Housing, pay your enrollment deposit and then submit your housing application. Access to MyCoastalHome is granted 24-48 hours after the enrollment deposit is paid. The nonrefundable $50 housing application fee and nonrefundable $150 prepayment reserve your space in University Housing.

The deadline for first-year students to complete the housing application in order to participate in room selection is May 22. First-year students can continue to apply after this date to be assigned a space on campus. Transfer students who apply by March 14 will participate in returning student room selection at the end of March. The deadline for transfer students is June 12. Transfer students will be manually assigned. Transfer students who apply after the deadline will be assigned along with other second-year and above students in the order they apply. All first and second-year students are required to live in University Housing unless they meet certain exemption criteria (see STUD-336 University Housing and Meal Plan Requirement). 

Students who complete the housing application by May 22 will be eligible to select their room during room selection. Students who complete the housing application after May 22 will be administratively assigned by University Housing.

Students can make changes to their housing application by logging into MyCoastalHome and going back to the completed application.

The housing application fee and prepayment are nonrefundable.

If you have questions about the housing application, please contact University Housing at 843-349-6400 or