Residency Forms

South Carolina Residency Form 

(ONLY for new or readmitting CCU applicants - WebAdvisor reflects an undetermined status)

CCU Applicants - should complete a South Carolina Residency Form immediately following submission of their admission application. Accepted applicants should monitor the South Carolina Residency for Tuition and Fee Purposes link within WebAdvisor to confirm if additional documentation is requested or that their resident status has been confirmed as in-state.

All applicants are responsible for confirming their resident status, no later than the first day of class. Please note, however, that registered students with an undetermined status will receive an out-of-state billing statement, which will require payment arrangements on a significantly larger balance to avoid class cancellation; therefore, applicants are encouraged to confirm their status well in advance of payment due dates.

South Carolina Residency Applications

(for current out-of-state students and applicants who have been deemed out-of-state upon admission)

Note:  One or more of the following forms are in PDF format and may require the Adobe Reader plug-in for your web browser. If you do not already have this program installed on your computer, you can download it for free using the following link.

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Dependent StudentOne whose predominant source of income or support is from payments from a parent, spouse, or guardian, who claims the dependent person on his/her federal income tax return. In the case of those individuals who are supported by family members who do not earn enough reportable income for taxation purposes, a dependent person can be defined as one who qualifies as a dependent or exemption on the federal income tax return of the parent, spouse, or guardian. A dependent person is also one for whom payments are made, under court order, for child support and the cost of the dependent person’s college education. A dependent person’s residency is presumed to be that of the person upon whom they are dependent.

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Independent StudentOne in his/her majority (eighteen years of age or older) or an emancipated minor, whose predominant source of income is his/her own earnings or income from employment, investments, or payments from trusts, grants, scholarships, commercial, educational or student loans in the name of the independent person and provided by an insured and federally regulated financial entity, or payments made in accordance with court order and for the purposes of determining residency for tuition and fees.

An independent person (which may be an independent student or the parent, guardian, or spouse of a dependent student): (1) must provide more than half of his or her support, which shall include the institutional cost of attendance as defined by Title IV, during the twelve months immediately prior to the date that classes begin for the semester for which resident status is requested; (2) cannot claim the domicile of another individual as their own for the purposes of establishing intent to become a South Carolina resident; (3) must have established his/her own domicile and provide documentation of establishing his/her own domicile for twelve months to include documentation of renting a domicile, if applicable, prior to receiving in-state tuition and fees; and (4) cannot be claimed as a dependent or exemption on the federal tax return of his or her parent, spouse, or guardian for the year in which resident status is requested.

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