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Gupta College of Science student scholarship recipients

Meet Nick Coleman and Lucy Romanik, two students who benefit from your generosity and investments in Coastal Carolina University.

Nick Coleman

“Coastal Carolina’s College of Science works hard to create opportunities for its students and to establish a strong educational foundation. It has given me the privilege of being a member of the Science Research Fellows program, which is easily the best thing that has happened to me since my arrival at Coastal. As a Science Fellow, I have the opportunity to conduct research with Coastal’s top professors all while being granted a small stipend. I believe that opportunities like these will distinguish me as I prepare to join the workforce and also highlight the College of Science’s dedication to preparing its students.”

Upper Marlboro, Md.

Marine Biology


Lucy Romanik 

“My goal has always been to pursue a career in art therapy. 

I have been successful in that pursuit because of all of the opportunities Coastal has given me. These opportunities have allowed me to grow, learn and develop as a student. They have made it possible to be a double major in studio art and psychology and complete it in four years. The faculty has supported and encouraged me to make the connections between each of my majors. It is because of the financial support Coastal offered me that I chose to come to school here four years ago, and I am very glad that I did. The decision to attend Coastal has impacted my life in an exceptional way.”

Wintson-Salem, N.C.

Art Studio and Music Therapy