Edwards College of Fine Arts and Humanities

Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts student scholarship recipients

Meet Sydney James and Carlie Todd, two students who benefit from your generosity and investments in Coastal Carolina University.

Syndey James

“As a student in the Edwards College, I have found myself surrounded by constant support from amazing faculty who truly have an interest in my education and my experience. My classes have given me in-depth and often hands-on ways to learn; with that I am able to translate that knowledge into real-world applications. The Edwards College Research Fellowship has provided me with a unique experience to work with faculty, something that will be invaluable for continuing my education beyond an undergraduate degree. Overall, being at Coastal has given me the confidence and support to not only reach my current goals, but to push myself to set goals for continuing my education in the future.”

Seaford, Del.

Anthropology and Geography


Carlie Todd 

“Attending Coastal Carolina University has been one of the most enriching experiences in my life. The Edwards College opened doors to opportunities such as the Jackson Scholar Program and the Athenaeum Press, which have introduced me to diverse people and disciplines I would have never experienced otherwise. I am honored to have received scholarships from Women in Philanthropy and Leadership, the Edwards College, and the Horry County Higher Education Commission. Without these scholarships, I would not have been able to attend college nor have been as successful in my research and academic studies. I am confident that my education has given me the skills and knowledge to competitively navigate whatever the future may hold.”

Murrells inlet, S.C.

History, and Intelligence and National Security Studies