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Who We Are.

Coastal Carolina University's Black Alumni Chapter supports the university by providing an avenue of continued relationship-building by uniting the interests of Black alumni, scholarship fundraising, and fostering undergraduate mentorship.


Our Purpose.

Coastal Carolina University Black Alumni ChapterAs an official affinity network of Coastal Carolina University’s Alumni Office, the Black Alumni Chapter’s primary objectives are:

  • Connect Black alumni through social, educational, and university-wide events
  • Cultivate and maintain a relationship and connection between the university, undergraduate students, and Black alumni
  • Educate and support alumni members and the CCU community on Black history and affairs
  • Encourage consistent engagement with the Black undergraduate student population to assist with retention and recruitment
  • Promote and increase Black alumni contributions through scholarships


Our Mission.

We are working to be a vibrant community of Black alumni who are all about making connections, giving back, and lifting up the next generation.

Our Goal: We're all about strengthening the bonds among our amazing Black alumni. From fun social events to exciting educational opportunities and big university-wide gatherings, we're here to show that your journey with us doesn't stop after graduation.

Growing Together: One of our main focuses is building lasting relationships between the university, our talented undergrads, and our network of Black alumni. We truly believe in the magic of mentorship, guidance, and sharing experiences to shape bright futures and light the fire of potential.

Embracing History and Community: We're on a mission to enrich both our alumni crew and the entire CCU community. Our hearts are set on shedding light on Black history and today's important topics. By coming together, we're striving to make an inclusive space for everyone.

Empowering What's Next: We're super proud to be champions for our Black undergrads. Your involvement in this awesome community can truly make waves in helping students stick around and bringing new faces into the fold. Together, we're paving a path to a brighter future.

Creating Change: With scholarships and fundraising in mind, we're all about boosting the impact of our Black alumni. Your contribution has the power to open doors for deserving students and make a real change.

So, let's celebrate our heritage, education, and the awesome sense of togetherness at Coastal Carolina University. Side by side, we're crafting a legacy that will inspire generations to come.


Explore, connect, and thrive
with the CCU Black Alumni Chapter
because we're all family here,
forever and always.

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