Jan. 22, 2020 - Orlando

A Terrific time in Orlando!



Thank you for your continued support of Coastal Carolina University, and for makng this event such a success! We had a wonderful time catching up with Orlando area alumni, as well as past and present members of our PGM program. We hope to return to central Florida soon. Chants Up! 
In the meantime, enjoy this video, and a few photos from the event! 

 January 22, 2020 - Attendees:

  • Michael Abraham 2008
  • Joseph Alden 2005
  • Bradley Anderson 2017
  • Zachary Atkinson 2016
  • Daniel Bengtson 2012
  • Justin Binke, PGA 2006
  • Alex Bowers
  • Colby Cannon 2016
  • Bradley Crumling 2002
  • Matthew Daly 2001
  • Tim DeBarge 2017
  • Brian Fahey 2006
  • Brian Fischer
  • Joline H. Fischer 2001
  • Timothy Fraser 2016
  • Ryan Glendy
  • Mark Ingalls 2016
  • Elliott Johnson 2014
  • Erika Jones 2015
  • Patrick Kane 2017
  • Nicholas Keefer 2013
  • James Lewien 2013
  • James Lohbauer 1998
  • Joseph Marosz 2013
  • Steve Mays 1994
  • Colin McCarthy 2017
  • Scott A Moody 2013
  • Brett M. Mosher
  • Jay Newcomb
  • Brian Phelps 2013
  • Brian Quigley 2014
  • Nicholas Rhew
  • Preston Roberts 2006
  • Brad Sanders 2013
  • Blaine Seitz 2012
  • Brian Seiwert 2003
  • Chris Sullivan 2010
  • Scott Taylor
  • Robert Tiettmeyer 2010
  • Thomas Wiebusch 2006



Join us at Orlando's Orange County Convention Center for a fun gathering on Wednesday, Jan. 22!

Reminisce with classmates, and take this opportunity to strengthen your network by making new connections with your fellow CCU Alumni. We'll provide drinks, appetizers, CCU swag to help you remember your time on campus.

You know CCU's PGM Program Alumni will make a strong showing, so we'll meet in the same building as The PGA Merchandise Show. But ALL CCU Alumni are welcome - the PGA Show is completely separate. See you there!

Reminder: This event is free to CCU Alumni, but you must ue the form below and register to attend.


Wednesday, January 22 | 4-6 p.m.

WEST Building of the
Orange County Convention Center 
ROOM: "W 304 A"
Directions | Parking

(Located in the same building as PGA Show, upstairs)

Parking info for alumni not affiliated with the PGA Show:

Upon arrival of the Orange County Convention Center, just follow the signs for PGA Show parking. There may be a $15 fee to park on-site depending on your location and arrival time. Once inside the OCCC, head up to the third floor and follow the signs to our reception room, W 304 A.

Please feel free to contact Diane on her cell at 843-340-7775 should you have any issues.