Frequently Asked Questions

CCU Food Crew's on-campus dining experiences offer a wide array of options to meet the needs of all Chanticleers. Our dining locations offer convenience and flexibility with tons of healthy, quality foods for every appetite!

Meal Plans

A meal plan is a pre-paid dining package that provides you with access to dining services on campus. We offer a variety of meal plans to meet your on-campus dining needs. Check out our Meal Plan page HERE for a full list of offerings. 

Depending on your class year, where you live, or how often you eat on campus, our recommendations may vary. You can email or give us a call at 843-349-6933 to speak to a Meal Plan Expert who can help you choose the best plan to fit your lifestyle.

You can purchase a meal plan through MyCoastalHome.

Purchase a Meal Plan

Meal plans will go live for the semester the same day that University Housing opens for the semester. Stay tuned to @CCUFoodCrew for updates!

Please stay up-to-date with CCU Food Crew on our website and social media for updated information about the last day(s) to use your meal plan and dining dollars for the semester.

You can modify all residential and commuter meal plans within two weeks after they become active. For Fall 2024, the last day to change your meal plan is September 2 at 11:59 p.m.

All first and second year students living on campus are required to purchase a meal plan. While a meal plan is not required for commuter students, many commuter students take advantage of the convenience and value a meal plan has to offer.

Navigate to our Locations and Menus page HERE for more information about our specialty hours. 

Locations and Menus

No, all meal swipes expire at the end of the semester.

Unlimited and Unlimited Plus meal plans come with five (5) guest meals per semester. If you are on a Block plan, you can use a meal swipe for any guest to eat that is meal swipe/exchange eligible. You may also use dining dollars to treat someone.

Dining Dollars

Dining dollars work like cash with the added convenience of being accessible from your CINO Card. Dining dollars are accepted at all on-campus CCU Food Crew dining locations. We also accept cash, credit/debit and CINO Cash.

You can add more dining dollars through the GET Mobile App or GET website HERE.

Dining dollars are only accepted at our on-campus dining locations. CINO cash can be used at a variety of locations both on and off-campus. Click HERE to see where CINO cash is accepted.

Dining dollars that are included with your meal plan DO NOT carry over. However, any money that you personally upload to your CINO Card will continue to carry over for as long as you are a student at CCU.

Meal Swipes

A meal swipe grants you access to every all-you-care-to-eat location on campus. Additionally, meal swipes allow you the flexibility to purchase a set selection of items from several of our retail locations on campus.

Meal swipe eligible locations include: Hicks Dining Hall, Chauncey's Choice, UP Dining, Freshens, Burgers + Fries, Chauncey's Queso Corner, Hackler Grill, Road Rooster (food truck), POD Convenience Stores (grab-n-go options), and concessions. Look for the "MS" logo at the retail locations (below image) to know which menu items are meal swipe eligible. 

Meal swipes reset every Monday at midnight for the upcoming week.

Yes, if you are on a block plan, you may use those toward anything that is a meal swipe.

To learn about which menu items are eligible for meal swipe, you can visit our Locations and Menus page HERE. By clicking on a location, you will see the meal swipe options for each location. Additionally, you will notice we use a "MS" logo, shown below, next to all items on our menus at eligible locations. 


Grubhub is a user-friendly app and website that allows customers to order food from on-campus dining locations for (select) delivery or pickup. It streamlines the ordering process and offers features like order tracking through various digital channels, including kiosk ordering.

To order ahead through Grubhub, go to the “My Grubhub” tab, tap on Settings on the top right, and select “Campus dining”. You will be notified when your order has been prepared and is ready for pickup. Remember to enable your push notifications on the Grubhub app so you do not miss your order updates!

You can download the Grubhub app in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Tap “Account”, then select “Campus Dining” and select “Coastal Carolina University”.

Click “Add Your Campus Card” and log-in with your CCU Credentials. Your card is now connected!

Nope, as long as you connect your CINO ID to your Grubhub account, you can activate your Grubhub+ student membership and place orders.

Burgers + Fries, Chauncey’s Queso Corner, Freshens, Hackler Grill, Pie By Night 2, Port City Java, Wingin’ It, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A and Einstein Bros Bagels.

Upon arrival to your order location, you will see a designated Grubhub pick-up area where you will check-in. If you have any questions, a staff member will be able to assist you.

No, there is not Grubhub delivery on campus. However, we do offer delivery at Wingin It’ and Pie By Night 2 by means of our own CCU Food Crew staff.

To check the status of your pickup order, please speak to a dining location staff member and request an update. If they are unable to assist, please reach out to Care from the 'Help' option on your order page.

Please speak directly to the staff at the location and let them know you cannot find your order. If you still need assistance, please contact Care by navigating to the “Help” option of your order's screen.

Health and Wellness

For more information about nutrition and committing to healthier life choices, please visit our Health and Wellness page HERE.

Yes. Hicks Dining Hall, UP Dining Hall, and Chauncey's choice all have designated coolers that are stocked with vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and allergen-friendly food items to help supplement items served daily in the dining halls. 

Sustainability on Campus

Yes, CCU Food Crew has partnered with Planet Ozzi to provide a reusable to-go container program on campus. For a one-time fee, students can purchase a reusable to-go container and reusable utensils at all of our all-you-care-to-eat locations; Hicks Dining Hall, Chauncey's Choice, and UP Dining Hall.

First, purchase your Ozzi reusable to-go container at any of our all-you-care-to-eat locations: Hicks Dining Hall, Chauncey's Choice, or UP Dining Hall. Once you've enjoyed your meal and emptied your container of all food waste and garbage, you will return your empty reusable container to an Ozzi machine in any of these locations by inserting the container barcode side up and press the "return" button. The Ozzi machine will provide a token for you to use for your next to-go meal. Give your Ozzi token to the cashier and the cashier will give you a clean, sanitized container.

We are indeed a straw-less campus. Since plastic straws are too small and lightweight to be easily recycled, they end up in landfills and in our oceans. We do hold several sustainable-focused events where we give away reusable straws for free!

Yes, you can purchase a reusable cup at the POD Convenience stores and Starbucks. You are also eligible for discounted pricing after purchase.

The CINO Pantry is a free resource to all students, faculty and staff and can be accessed with a CINO Card. The CINO Pantry is located on the second floor of the Lib Jackson Student Union in room A-215.

Related Questions

Replacement cards can be picked up in the CINO Card Office, located in the Lib Jackson Student Union A-103. You should do this as soon as possible as you cannot use another students CINO Card.

Yes, if you lose or misplace your CINO Card and are awaiting a replacement, you may still use your meal plan at any of the three residential locations, Hicks Dining Hall, Chauncey's Choice, or UP Dining Hall. All students are strongly encouraged to replace their CINO Cards as soon as possible.

Yes! Visit our Locations and Menus page HERE and you will find all meals being offered for each meal period up to two weeks in advance at each location. This is a great tool and resource to plan out your eating schedule.

You can visit our Calendar of Events page HERE to see what events are happening for a given month.

Please contact Marketing Manager, Bryan Leja, at or call 843-349-6933.