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Frequently Asked Questions

CCU Food Crew's on-campus dining experiences offer a wide array of options to meet the needs of all Chanticleers. Our dining locations offer convenience and flexibility with tons of healthy, quality foods for every appetite!

Meal Plans

What is a meal plan?
What type of meal plan is recommended?
How can I purchase a meal plan?
When can I start using my meal plan?
When is the last day to use my meal plan and dining dollars for the semester?
I am living on-campus, when is the last day I can change my meal plan?
Am I required to have a meal plan?
Will dining be available during holidays and breaks?
I am a commuter student, am I allowed to change my meal plan?
Can I carry meal swipes over to the next semester?
Can I treat a friend or family member to a meal using my meal plan?

Dining Dollars

What are dining dollars?
How do I add more dining dollars?
What is the difference between dining dollars and CINO cash?
Do my dining dollars carry over to the next semester?

Meal Exchanges

What is a meal exchange?
Where can I use a meal exchange?
I have an Unlimited Plan, when do meal exchanges reset for the week?
I have a block meal plan, can I use one of my block meals as a meal exchange?
How do I know which menu items are eligible for a meal exchange?

Health & Wellness

Where can I find more information about nutrition?
Am I allowed to select items from the allergen coolers in the residential dining halls?

Sustainability on Campus

Can I take food to-go from the dining halls?
How does the Ozzi to-go system work?
Do we have straws on campus?
Do you offer reusable cups on campus?
What is the CINO Pantry?

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I lose my CINO Card?
If I lose my CINO Card, am I still able to eat on campus?
Can I view menus for the residential dining locations?
How do I learn about dining events happening throughout the semester?
Who should I contact for questions about my meal plan or dining on campus?