Testimonials - Coastal Carolina University
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"I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Degree in Three program! All of Coastal's staff was incredibly helpful, supportive, and accessible. Despite the expedited course load, I never feel as though I am missing out on my college experience and still have plenty of time to get involved around campus. I definitely recommend this program to any incoming student looking to maximize their time while at Coastal!" 

-Brianna Barnes

"Completing the Degree in Three program was one of the best decisions that I've made. It allowed me to finish my undergraduate degree and MBA in four years. I even had the opportunity to study abroad and spent a semester in Mainz, Germany studying global business and met other students from all over the world. The workload was heavy at times, but in the end, it was well worth it."

-Ryan Fleagle

"Joining the Degree in Three program was one of the best decisions I've made while attending CCU. The program allows me to move one year closer to my dreams. Because I joined the program, I am able to challenge myself in my education, leave school with less debt, and have a lasting impression on future employers. The support I receive in the program from advisors and faculty is a great encouragement for me as I pursue my goals."

-Leah Jackson

"I joined the Degree in Three program because I knew early on in my undergraduate studies at CCU that I wanted to pursue a graduate degree after graduation, and I feel the Degree in Three program has not only helped me achieve that at an accelerated rate but also has prepared me for my graduate studies. I believe the program might be in a student’s best interest to complete because it helps the student stay focused on their course work and the workload needed to succeed."

-Alexander Quinlan

"The Degree in Three at CCU has been an absolutely fantastic experience thus far. Due to financial issues, I had to find a way to complete college quickly. The program not only afforded me the opportunity to do this, but it made it easier to continue my studies at the graduate level without being a detriment to my finances. Not only is the Degree in Three a financially sound option, but it also helps set you on a path toward a career of your choice by having you think more in-depth about what career you want to pursue due to the 'expedited' nature of the program."

-Johann Thorne