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Certificate in Financial Planning

If you're seeking a program that will put you on track for a personally and financially rewarding career, preferably one with exponential growth potential and work-life balance, the Certificate in Financial Planning may be a perfect fit. 

Financial planners help individuals and families manage their finances to achieve life goals, whether that be financing a dream home, planning for retirement, saving for a child's higher education. This in-demand profession is rapidly growing, it offers you the flexibility to work at firms big or small, or to chart your own path as an entrepreneur. The medium income of $89,000 reported for financial advisors by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

The Certificate in Financial Planning will provide you with the foundation you need to pursue a financial planing career and obtain CFP® certification, the recognized standard of excellence for competent and ethical personal financial planning. CFP® certification sets you apart from the rest of the field and provides greater credibility in the eyes of potential clients or employers. In fact, CFP® professionals earn up to 80 percent higher median income than their peers without the designation. 

The CFP® Board's certificate registration requirements mandate a minimum of 18 credit hours in the financial planning core topics, including 3 credits for the Financial Plan Development course (capstone). The Coastal Carolina Financial Planning Certificate includes six courses (3 credits each) that encompass the CFP® Board course requirements. These courses include: 

ACCT 339: Individual Income Taxation

FIN 301: Principals of Finance (or CBAD 363)

FIN 402: Investment Analysis

FIN 442: Retirement and Estate Planning

FIN 463: Risk Management and Insurance

FIN 494: Case Studies in Financial Planning (Capstone)

For more information about the program, please reach out to your advisor or the Financial Planning Certificate program director, Blain Pearson, CFP® AFC® at bpearson@coastal.edu. 

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