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Commercial and Investment Real Estate Concentration

The Commercial and Investment Real Estate concentration allows students to develop a working proficiency of all aspects of commercial real estate ranging from property investment, market analysis, and government relations to acquisition, management, and disposition.

Serving as a bridge between CCU and the wider community, The Grant Center for Real Estate and Economics also provides a space where students can network, share, and gain knowledge in all facets of real estate.

Along with the business foundation of the MBA Program, real estate students will cultivate the technical skills of financial and economic modeling to analyze and improve the performance of investment real estate portfolios, including property appraisal and investment valuation, economic impact modeling, price forecasting, and scenario analysis for return on investment decision making.

Students who complete the program can pursue career paths as an investment analyst, land developer, commercial real estate broker, asset management analyst, equity investment analyst, real estate and land acquisition director, director of real estate operations, and more.

The MBA Program is a 10 course, 30-credit hour degree program. The concentration consists of three courses (nine hours out of the 30 hours required for the degree).

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Real Estate Concentration required courses (9 credit hours):

  • MBA 646: Value Management
  • MBA 647: Real Estate Market Analysis
  • MBA 648: Real Estate Seminar

Kristin Swiderski 

Graduate Programs Advising Coordinator 
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