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PGA Curriculum  

The PGA Golf Management™ program provides students with five areas of specialized knowledge and training: four are classroom experiences and the fifth is in the exciting internship environment.

The University Curriculum (43 Credit Hours) - As the framework for undergraduate education, the core curriculum provides a sound background in the liberal arts and sciences. Included in the core curriculum are courses in communication, research, mathematics, thought and expression, national structure and development, global language and perspective, and social sciences.

The Business Curriculum (42 Credit Hours) - The core business curriculum provides understanding and development of accounting, finance, economics, production and marketing practices, and principles; general management principles and administrative skills; analytical and quantitative processes; and oral and written communication proficiency.

The Degree Major Curriculum (15-18 Credit Hours) - CCU PGM Golf Management students can major in any degree program offered in the Wall College of Business. Currently, these majors include marketing, management, finance, accounting, economics, and hospitality, tourism and resort management. Any of these majors provide the student with the necessary knowledge and skills that prepare them for successful careers in the golf industry. PGA Golf Management students receive a Bachelor of Science degree with a specialty in PGA Golf Management.

The PGA Golf Management Curriculum (18 Credit Hours) - Courses for professional golf management provide the student with specialized knowledge in a wide area of studies. Included are turfgrass management, food and beverage control, rules of golf, tournament operations, principles of golf instruction, golf club repair and design, golf car fleet management, career enhancement and other subjects directly related to practical work experiences required to become a successful member of the PGA of America.

The Internship Curriculum (6 Credit Hours) - An exciting feature of the PGA Golf Management Program is 16 months of practical work experience at PGA of America-approved golf facilities under the guidance of PGA Professionals. The internship experience at CCU is divided into four sessions. The first three sessions are three months long and take place during the summer months following the first three years at the university. The last internship takes place following the fourth year and lasts seven months. Annually, CCU PGA Golf Management students participate in full-time paid internship work at golf facilities located in over 25 states.