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Commercial and Investment 
Real Estate Minor  

The commercial and investment real estate minor is a plan of study designed to educate and train students in the rigors of real estate investment analysis to prepare them for real estate-related careers. Students who minor in commercial and investment real estate will partake in a 15-credit program of study aimed at providing students with the technical skills and ethics-based, goal-driven mindset essential for attaining success as a real estate investment professional. They will also have the opportunity to apply for the prestigious Grant Scholars Program with access to paid study trips, additional scholarships, applied projects and paid internships, and will also acquire vast knowledge of the many aspects of real estate such as brokerage, construction, property management, project management, appraisal, valuation, quantity surveying, cost control, financing, town and country planning, environmental assessment, investment analysis, sustainability, infrastructure, public/private partnerships and many others. 

The commercial and investment real estate minor is for you if:

  • You want to further your career prospects in this area and open opportunities in fields such as construction, property management, town and country planning, environmental assessment, appraisal, and valuation.
  • You want to obtain access to extraordinary opportunities for scholarships, study tours, and internships.
  • You want to get credit toward the SC real estate sales and broker license exam requirements.
  • You want to benefit from learning from real estate professionals around the world.  

Robert Salvino, Ph.D.
Director, Grant Center for Real Estate and Economics
Professor of Economics
Wall College of Business

Academic Advisors          
Wall Center for Excellence