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CCU Dialogue Fellows

About the Program

As we navigate a culture full of “echo chambers” in an era of hyper-polarized politics and social division, CCU Dialogue Fellows promote an important skill: how to have reasonable, civil discussions that help individuals to better understand their own perspectives and the perspectives of others. 

The goal of the CCU Dialogue Fellows program is to train and support a team of faculty, staff and students to conduct and facilitate structured dialogue on campus, with the goal of strengthening the campus community. Dialogues typically involve small groups (10-15 participants) and may happen in a variety of formats, including, but not limited to:

  • Scheduled dialogue groups that meet once to share perspectives on a specific topic.
  • Ongoing dialogue groups that explore more thoroughly a theme, issue or experience.
  • Courses or labs that involve substantial dialogic practice.
  • Pop-up dialogues that allow participants to share perspectives on current national or global crises or events. 

The CCU Dialogue Fellows program was created with the generous support of the Provost’s Office via a Student Achievement Funding grant.