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Students can view and apply for internships and part-time or full-time career positions with local and regional employers via Handshake*. Click here to review 2 minute videos to help you get started with Handshake

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*Handshake is an open website in which employers nationwide are free to post positions. Coastal Carolina University makes no representations for any businesses posting here for positions or internships, nor do we certify the legitimacy of any business posting here unless specifically stated by the Career Services staff. Each student or alumnus should take due diligence in researching any company in which they apply for a position.


‌CareerShift, a job-search and employer information website, is available for Coastal Carolina University students, alumni and staff. This site contains information about employment opportunities, internships and potential employers.

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Big Interview

Need to get ready for a BIG interview?  Use our FREE site to get online tips for making a great impression AND practice real time questions online!  You can even send your practice interview link to Career Services staff, faculty, or trusted mentors for feedback. For a quick walkthrough of Big Interview check out their handbook here

Try the FAST TRACK for essential tips and most common questions, or the MASTERY TRACK for a deep dive to prep for those ultra-competitive interviews. Use your CCU email to sign up for a free account!  


Buzzfile is the most comprehensive employers-by-major resource available to universities and its students. Its comprehensive company information database holds approximately 18 million companies categorized into 18,000 industries. Students can discover, research and network with thousands of potential employers by major. This information is obtained from Dun & Bradstreet and is updated on a quarterly basis.  


CLICK HERE to search for employers in South Carolina by major.
CLICK HERE to search for employers by major.