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CoBE Testimonials

Conisia Allen

"Since joining CoBE, I have been able to grow professionally and personally. I have been able to learn how to build a proper resume. I have strengthened and learned how to improve my public speaking further. Through the marketing committee, I have grown to be more innovative. Through the Recruitment Committee, I have interacted and assisted with potential associates. Overall, I have started to grow my confidence as a person and with others."

Reegan Aylesworth

"Becoming a CoBE Associate will be the greatest decision I have made throughout my college experience. CoBE has allowed me to grow into the woman I dreamt of being when I was a little kid. I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone, gone beyond what I thought I was capable of doing, and felt an immense amount of joy doing all of it. Through many projects, meetings, tasks, and presentations, I have gained more knowledge and experience than I ever would have sitting in a classroom. I now have confidence in my ability to strive for goals that I didn’t think were possible to achieve before. There are so many things I will take away from this experience and bring with me onto my next journey in life. The CoBE Institute will be something I will forever be thankful for…for bringing out the best in me."

Savannah Azize

"Through CoBE I have grown both professionally and personally. This experience has been like no other and I can genuinely say that because of CoBE, I am more prepared to go into the professional world after graduating! Whether it was professional development, working hands-on with domestic and international clients, or holding a leadership position, I gained so much value from my time with CoBE!"

Belle Bryan

“The CoBE institute has been life-changing for me since I’ve started. Working with such a diverse group of constructive thinkers and creative and driven people I’ve grown to really love CoBE and the way it shapes its associated. As an associate, I’ve learned that you always have room for growth and expansion. CoBE has helped me grow my confidence, professionalism, and so much more. CoBE is life-changing and character-shaping.”

Trent Burney

"The summer CoBE project was an exceptional experience that will open the floodgates for projects of this caliber in the future. This project was very meaningful because it was my very first project in the institute, but also because it is the first time I saw firsthand how detailed research can come together and be the catalyst for a real business plan. This aspect alone was enough to keep me going during the project and gave an air of accountability to all the associates involved in the process. We wanted to provide the absolute best solutions to Pomì so that they can excel in a relatively new business environment for them. This program has given me a whole new perspective on how businesses evaluate plans they want to implement and the research effort it takes to put a business plan together."

Adara Engle

"Since joining the CoBE Institute, I have had the experience to grow professionally through gaining research skills, forming established connections, and getting an overall kick-start to my career. I have also improved personally through increased confidence and motivation to achieve the goals I set forth. I am very grateful for the experiences I have been able to partake in through this organization."

Karaline Fandrich

"As a CoBE associate, I have developed skills that will assist me in my success in the workforce. I have expanded my network while also obtaining new friendships with like-minded individuals. I have gotten involved in CoBE through the Marketing and Event Planning Committees while also shadowing the Machtig and the Visit Myrtle Beach projects. I applied to CoBE to get involved in a business environment and obtain the knowledge I need when searching for a career. Since joining, I have been encouraged and advised by other associates in order to help me grow."

Jordan Henne

"Although new to CoBE, I have already gained a great deal of real-world business experience. I have gone through professional development such as LinkedIn and resume building, as well as business knowledge such as consulting and time management practices. I am extremely excited about how CoBE will prepare me for my future and see my professional growth within the program."


Savannah Mowen

"My experience as a CoBE associate has been amazing. I have been exposed to a plethora of professional development skills that have sculpted me into becoming an essential asset within the institute. CoBE has helped me gain valuable connections that will last a lifetime and tangible experiences that can be applied within the business setting. Joining the CoBE Institute was one of the best decisions I’ve made to prepare myself for life after college."

Leah Tashian

“CoBE allowed me to gain confidence in my professional skills through research, writing, and public speaking. It has given me opportunities to expand my knowledge in the business field through internships and working with clients. CoBE was something I took a risk on when applying, not sure whether I would be accepted or feel comfortable being myself. I am forever grateful I took that chance because I can now say I have found some great like-minded friends, created a strong bond with professionals, and made an impact within the Wall College community.” 

Megan Vogelgesang

“Throughout my time spent working for the CoBE Institute, countless doors to new opportunities have opened. Not only have I embarked on new business ventures and professional development, but I have found my community within the Wall College of Business. CoBE has shed new light on my experience as a college student and has added depth to my academic career at Coastal Carolina University.”