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One-Time Workshops

Counseling Services clients are invited to participate in the following workshops to develop their skills and ability to handle various difficulties.



Anxiety Management

This workshop will help you understand anxiety, worry, panic attacks and more.  We also focus on building your "tool box" full of strategies for preventing anxiety and managing it when it becomes overwhelming.

Depression Management

In this workshop, we develop an understanding of the symptoms of depression.  Various treatments for depression are explored including the role of medication, thought patterns, lifestyle factors, activity level, engagement, self-care and self-soothing. 

Emotional Regulation

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or confused by your feelings or felt that they just got in the way, this workshop can help.  You will learn how to understand, express, and even challenge your own emotions to become a happier, healthier, more productive student.


This is an introduction to Mindfulness and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) techniques that are aimed to assist with depression and anxiety prevention and management, stress management and crisis management. This workshop is experiential (i.e. experience-based) and will provide you with an opportunity for self-reflection and group discussion.

Communication Skills

In this workshop you will learn about healthy, dysfunctional, and abusive relationships.  We focus on helping you develop effective communication techniques to improve your relationships.  

Self-Esteem Development

This workshop focuses on development of specific goals pertaining to intentional self-esteem enhancement. We explore opportunities and possibilities of calculated risk-taking, while identifying and honoring individual values and beliefs.

Sleep Management

If you struggle with getting a good night’s sleep, this workshop is for you.  You will assess your own sleep patterns and learn strategies for increasing your quality of sleep.















Workshop Series

These are two session, one hour workshops designed to help clients build skills and apply those skills to their lives.  These workshop series can be accessed by attending a First Contact appointment. 



Building Coping Skills and Resilience

Participants will gain the skills to successfully adapt to life tasks and circumstances in the face of social disadvantage, high adverse conditions, and/or stressful situations.   

Anxiety Management

Participants will learn to identify symptoms of anxiety and basic techniques and technology assisted methods to manage those symptoms.   Participants will have an opportunity to use creativity to build personalized strategies and coping skills to manage anxiety and stressors.

Building Identity/Self-Esteem and Finding Your Place at CCU

Everyone says college is the time of your life, that you will meet lifelong friends and “find yourself.”  But what does that really mean, and how do we do it?  If you’re feeling lost or uncertain of yourself and your long term goals, this workshop will help you establish a foundation and sense of direction.


Dealing with People and Managing Conflict

Participants will learn to identify contributors to difficulty with communicating with other people and how conflicts arise in a variety of settings.   Participants will practice skill building to aid with improved verbal and non-verbal communication skills and basic conflict resolution techniques.