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Support Groups

Support groups occur when students with common issues choose to get together and support one another in coping with those issues.  Usually, a counselor will meet with the support group once or twice to get them started and then the students continue to meet on their own as they choose.  Counseling Services staff will arrange space on campus for support groups to meet.  Students do not need to be clients of Counseling Services to participate.

If you are interested in a support group, please indicate your interest by completing the Support Group Interest Form.  When more than one student indicates interest in a particular support group, Counseling Services will contact those students to arrange a meeting.

Possible Support Groups:

Abortion Support
Adjustment to College/Homesickness
Coping with Chronic Medical Conditions
Eating Concerns/Body Image
Family/Friends of Addicts
Family/Friends of Mentally Ill
Family/Friends of those coping with Medical Conditions
Non-Traditional Students
Relationship Violence
Sexual Assault