Zone Cleaning

There are two common approaches to cleaning a network of facilities in similar size to Coastal Carolina University. Zone Cleaning and Team Cleaning both have their advantages, but we believe Zone Cleaning is the best approach for our needs.

What is Zone Cleaning?

Zone Cleaning is a method of cleaning that employs a staff of individuals who are each assigned a specific wing, floor, building or "zone." These individuals are responsible for all the task associated with their "zone" such as cleaning bathrooms and offices. The alternative to zone cleaning is team cleaning. Team cleaning assigns each staff member a specific task that they are responsible for in all buildings such as vacuuming or dusting. For example, a zone cleaner would be responsible for cleaning the first floor of a building with tasks such as vacuuming, dusting and emptying trash. A team cleaner would be responsible for vacuuming the floors of the building only and the tasks for the building would each be assigned to a different team member.

Why is Zone Cleaning important at CCU?

Zone cleaning allows our custodians to build meaningful relationships with the students, faculty, staff and visitors who utilize our facilities every day. By having our staff assigned to specific zones they are able to take pride and ownership in their respective areas. We pride ourselves on being a department that is constantly receiving positive phone calls and emails from people across campus just to express how much one of our staff members has positively impacted their day to day life through the work we do. Zone cleaning is the reason most our staff members are on a first name basis with the people who use the spaces we clean and helps maintain the family atmosphere that CCU is known for.