Office Mini-bin Program - Coastal Carolina University
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Sustainability is a primary focus for our department and we are constantly reevaluating our practices to ensure we are using innovative and green approaches to cleaning.

Office Mini-bin Program

Our mini-bin is designed to increase recycling, reduce waste, and make campus cleaner. It's proven itself in banks, hospitals, state and federal offices, and universities from California to Canada.

Be in charge of your own bins.

This self-serve program increases awareness about the waste we create. Every CCU office will be participating to help us increase our recycling rate. It works! The Facilities Planning and Management Office doubled their recycling during the pilot program.

Located for your convenience.

Recycling stations are centrally located on each floor, at exits, and in break rooms. These bins will be lined, checked daily and emptied by custodial and sustainability staff. Click here to find your nearest Recycling Station.

Reduce your use.

You can help reduce the consumption of plastic bags on campus by 150,000 per year by not using personal bin liners. Most office waste is clean. Liners are used at each recycling station if needed.

Office Mini-bin Program FAQs