When should I begin looking for off-campus housing?  

Answer: We recommend that you take time to sign a lease. We would recommend that you attend the off-campus housing fairs and speak to your peers about their experience living off-campus prior to signing your lease. You will want to begin searching as early as the Fall semester before moving off-campus. That will provide you with plenty of time to secure housing.  

How do I find a roommate?  

Answer: You can find a roommate by utilizing the feature on our off-campus housing service 

What if I find myself in a situation where I cannot afford my bills and need financial support?  

Answer: We would encourage you to check out Student Empowerment and Advocacy’s Single Stop Resources for Students. This webpage will provide you with plenty of resources. You are also able to connect with a staff member in the Dean of Students Office.  

What if my roommate and I do not get along? Am I able to switch apartments or cancel my lease?  

Answer: We encourage you to work out your concerns or disagreements directly with your roommate or communicate with your landlord or property management. The Office of Community Outreach and Education is willing to meet with you to discuss tips on how to have a conversation with your roommate. It is solely up to your landlord or management of your property to determine if you are able to switch apartments or cancel your lease.