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Brown Scholars and Interns

The Brown Scholars are a select group of three to six Coastal Carolina University students who educate and mentor students in the Each One Teach One Entrepreneurship Institute. The scholars are trained by the director and by the advisory board of  Each One Teach One. 

The scholars deliver workshops on life and leadership skills to middle and high school students in the Conway area.  Scholars are community leaders, enthusiastic educators, and caring role models. If you wish to become a Brown Scholar, contact the Each One Teach One Institute at or 843-349-4103.

The Each One Teach One Interns are middle and high school students who come from diverse backgrounds and are underrepresented student populations in higher education. Potential interns may also lack motivation and are not achieving the levels that are commensurate with their abilities and who will benefit personally and academically as a mentee in the institute.

If parents or educators are interested in having a student become an Intern in the Each One Teach One Institute, contact the Each One Teach One Institute at or 843-349-4103.

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Matthew Gilbert 
Lecturer/Director, Each One Teach One
Office: Wall 301J 
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