Emilie Kate Tavernier


Alex Symcak

Graphic Design and Photography
Hear from a recent graduate:

Donnelly Wolf

PGA Golf Management

After discovering the magic of digital broadcasting while in high school, he pursued his interest from the moment he stepped foot on campus.

I feel like I am a better marketer, communicator and digital broadcaster. I am always looking at how this decision today could impact my future."

As a PGA golf management major, Donelly took part in various internships over his time at Coastal, working at courses in Georgia and Tennessee. He even interned for North Carolina-based Kangaroo Golf USA, a company that specializes in motorcaddies.

The impressive resume he built at CCU has already paid off. Donnelly accepted a position with the Tennessee Golf Foundation and will serve as its director of marketing.

Taylor Pascale


I got into 3D printing last semester with Jeff Case. He was my teacher for graphic design 3 and I was talking to him about continuing an internship for the Spring Semester to finish out all of my credits to graduate. He saw some of the major league baseball teams their logo being 3D printed onto the helmets and it really adds a different kind of feel and look to everything. It's really cool and he wanted to kind of start that here at Coastal. With my connections in Athletics and everything we've been able to start that and start a prototype for baseball and softball in case in the future they decide to use something like that for their helmets.

Brandon Brown


Though I cannot take an exact lecture or an exact experience from Coastal to apply directly on a race track, because there's no “Left Turn 101” class that I could take. Learning how to work with people that are higher than you in ranking and working with peers around you has been something like directly taken from Coastal and applied at race track it's so rewarding at the very end you know when I get to walk across the stage. I'll know not only did I learn enough classes and college accreditation to get a degree, but I've also learned how to live a life and how to be independent and how to just carry on as an adult. I know that Coastal has prepared me very well though for the career that I'm moving into."