What are the deadlines? - Coastal Carolina University
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What are the deadlines?

  • Early Decision (ED): Apply by October 15; notification by December 1; enrollment required by January 15.
    • If Coastal Carolina University is your first-choice, then early decision is a good choice for you. Early decision is a binding commitment to enroll at Coastal Carolina University if admitted. If you are accepted early decision, you agree to withdraw all applications from any other colleges. You must submit a non-refundable enrollment deposit by January 15.
  • Early Action (EA): Apply by November 15; notification by December 15; enrollment required by May 1. Early action is non-binding and will notify you of your decision by December 15. To be considered, your application must be complete by November 15.
  • Regular Decision (RD): Apply by February 1; notification by March 1; enrollment required by May 1. Your application must be complete by February 1.