Planning to Move?


The proper procedure to schedule a move is to submit a work request detailing what items you will be moving and where you will be moving from (old location) to new location. Please follow the guidelines as listed below.

  • You are responsible for locating boxes for the move. The bookstore often has a supply available and the other resources are Kimbel Library, area bookstores and retail stores. Please do not use food boxes, they may contain pests.
  • Pack all loose articles in boxes. Tape and label them with name and new location (building/room number).
  • Remove all files, etc. from filing cabinets and pack in boxes.
  • Have all packing complete by date of move.
  • Have someone at old location to provide any special instructions regarding items that you are requesting to move.
  • Have someone at new location to direct placement of furniture when it arrives or submit a furniture setup as an attachment to your work request.
  • Make sure a clear path (free of people and things) is available for movers (for obvious safety reasons).
  • It is highly recommended that you move breakable items yourself.
  • Allow five (5) working days before move for scheduling purposes if permissible.

Also don't forget...

Enter ITS online request to have your computer and phone relocated.
(ITS Request

 a work request for the key to your new location. Return key of old location to Lock and Key Services along with the online form to Facilities 1.
(Work Requests)

Contact Central Receiving Office
When moving furniture or equipment to the warehouse, please email Eddie Warren to check for approval and space availability. If space is available and approved please submit your request to Facilities for your move to be scheduled.

Paula Holt
Project Coordinator

Erich Godshall
Assistant Supervisor, Community Events