Welcome to University Projects

Capital projects must comply with the Office of State EngineerCommission on Higher EducationJoint Bond Review Committee, and the State Fiscal Accountability Authority.

The Design and Engineering department is responsible for coordinating and planning all projects from conception to completion.
The responsibilities of our Project Managers are:

  • To create new projects within the State Procurement System.
  • To guide projects through the initial approval stages in accordance with the South Carolina State guidelines.
  • To interface with architects and engineers to ensure that the Coastal Carolina University design guidelines are reflected in all projects for a cohesive campus environment. 

Our contractors, private architects, and private engineering firms are procured in strict accordance with the South Carolina Procurement Code for Design and Construction. Please refer procurement process questions to the Office of State Engineer. 

For more information, please contact us at 843-349-2152.

Advertised projects for bidding and interviews are located at South Carolina Business Opportunities.