Faculty/Staff Giving

Faculty/Staff Giving

Each year, hundreds of Coastal Carolina University faculty and staff members make contributions to the colleges, departments and causes that are important to them on campus. Their passion creates opportunities for students and strengthens our programs and the University.

A high giving participation rate by our faculty/staff encourages those outside of the University to become more involved.

Faculty and staff can give to any CCU fund of their choosing, including their own department or college. Visit HREO's website to learn more about the Faculty and Staff Benevolence Fund.

Please remember, it's not the amount of the gift, but the gift itself that matters most.


Giving through Payroll Deduction

It’s easy to give using payroll deduction. If you receive 24 paychecks per year:

  • a gift of $50 equates to about $2 per paycheck
  • a gift of $120 equates to just $5 per paycheck
  • a gift of $240 equates to just $10 per paycheck
  • a gift of $500 equates to about $20 per paycheck

Participation is Easy

You can either give by going to:

www.coastal.edu/forms/give/payroll and make a gift through payroll deduction. You decide what amount is deducted from your paycheck and how long that deduction is made.


www.coastal.edu/give and make a one-time gift securely online with your credit/debit card.

You can also make your gift by downloading this form and sending it to:

Panetti, Brenda P.
Director of Advancement Services
Parker Atheneum Hall Alumni Center 112H