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Spending Transparency

Coastal Carolina University is committed to transparency and accountability regarding its expenditures. To this end, we have created this website, a listing of every expense incurred by the University, all of which serve to meet the University's mission of teaching, research and public service.

The spending transparency website lists a variety of funds including, but not limited to, operational, self-generated, federal, agency, designated and extended learning. CCU also has auxiliary departments that receive no state funding and must generate all of their own revenue. Examples include Athletics, Bookstore, Campus Dining, and the Hackler Golf Course.

A monthly report of expenditures will be available here on the seventh working day after the last day of the month, except for the month of June where year-end entries may delay the process for several days. Each searchable report will include the date of the transaction, source of funds, reference number, description of the expenditure, vendor name, and transaction amount. Click on the month under the year listed below to view expenditures. At least three years of data will be maintained on this website beginning with January 2018 transactions.

Please note: Procurement card transactions are not included in this listing. To view posted procurement card transactions, visit the Four-Year Colleges and Universities section of South Carolina's Monthly Charge Card Usage website.

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