Mock Trial Endowed Scholarship

for new and continuing students


To be eligible to apply for this scholarship, students must meet the following criteria: 

  1. Be admitted as an undergraduate student at CCU;
  2. New freshmen students must have a minimum high school GPA of 3.0;
  3. New transfer students must have a minimum collegiate GPA of 3.0;
  4. Continuing students must have a minimum CCU GPA of 3.0;
  5. Have a demonstrated commitment to, and a record of, success in mock trial competition at either the collegiate or high school level;
  6. Maintain full-time status and demonstrate satisfactory degree progress; and
  7. Submit additional requirements described below.  

Additional Requirements


  1. Submit a 500 word typed statement discussing your goals while at CCU and how you plan to utilize your undergraduate degree in future educational and employment pursuits.
  2. Submit two (2) letters of support, one from a faculty member of the department within which you are obtaining a degree or a previous high school teacher, and one from another University faculty member or current/former employer. Only two letters of support will be accepted.


Failure to submit additional requirements will constitute an incomplete application and will not be considered.